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Free Sleeveless Top Pattern

Sleeveless Top Pattern

See below - How-To Video

Free Sewing Pattern 532

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Sewing the Sleeveless Top

Diagram of Free Sewing Pattern of Sleeveless Top for the Great British Sewing Bee. Online downloadable Free PDF Sewing Patterns. Designed by Angela Kane

1. Materials and Notions - Cutting Out - Transfer Markings - Adding Facings

2. Understitching Facings - Turning Through the Shoulder - Join Side Seams - Finish Back Neck - Pressing

3. Complete the Back Seam - Blind Hem - Sew the Hand Worked Loop for Button and Loop Fastening

Free Pinafore Pattern

Pinafore Pattern

This is the first pattern I created for my site and making it up featured in my first video series for YouTube.

Around 300,000 sewers have downloaded this free pattern. I'm very flattered!

Sew Alongs - I make this up from beginning to end - A Great First Lesson

Watch - Make a Dress 1 - The Original Denim Version

Watch - Make a Dress 2 - The Fully Lined Version


Free Sewing Pattern 721

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Technical drawing of the Free Pinafore Dress Sewing Pattern. Free Online download PDF Sewing Patterns designed by Angela Kane.

Free Sewing Templates

Sewing the Sleeve Placket

Sewing the Welt Pocket

Free Fitted Bodice Block Sample

Try Your Hand at Dart Manipulation

This is a sample block in size 10 only and is just for you to experiment with

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 How to Use the Fitted Bodice Block

How to Sew a Vent


Check Out Sewing For Beginners

If you have never used a sewing machine before you will soon be Making Your Own Clothes by following this Beginners Tutorial

Sewing for Beginners

My FREE Sewing Patterns are featured.

Check Out Pattern Alterations

For the Fuller Bust


Diagram of the Free Pinafore Dress Sewing Pattern Pieces. Shwoing how to do Sewing Pattern Alterations Free Online download PDF Sewing Patterns designed by Angela Kane.


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