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Sewing Men's Jeans - Selvedge Jeans Sewing Pattern for Men


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Selvedge Jeands Sewing Pattern by Angela Kane

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Make Your Own Jeans - this is the perfect Jeans Pattern for Selvedge Denim. The outside leg is cut along the grain so that you can utilise the attractive selvedge edge. If you are not using Selvedge Denim, this sewing pattern makes up just as well in classic denims.

*Corrections - At 2:10, 1" 2.5cm from centre front is better. At 5:20 Clip to the dot on the RIGHT front only and zigzag along the LEFT front extension


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Update for Men’s and Women’s Jeans

I was two minds about top stitching the outside seam for show or the inside seam for strength in the original video and eBook for the women’s jeans.

I’ve made quite a few pairs over the years and looking back at them, I more usually stitch and top stitch the inside leg seam first. I have then been finishing with top stitching the outside seam a little way down to below the pocket for show and strength for the pocket.
Therefore, sew the back seam, sew the inside leg seam from trouser hem to hem. Top stitch. Sew the outside leg seam from waist to hem. Top stitch as far as you are able to, from the waist, down the side seam and back up.

After wearing jeans since my teens (a long time ago) and sewing many pairs over the years, I only recently noticed that the back yoke on jeans is usually stitched with the seam pressed down and therefore the top stitching is below the stitch line! I now stitch them that way. Shirts and skirts that have a yoke are always stitched with the seam pressed up!

Looking for Women's Jeans - a totally different shape - check out the Sewing Pattern

Selvedge Denim

Selvedge Denim is characterised by its firm, often striped and always neat selvedge. It is woven on traditional hand looms and is narrow compared to modern denim yardage.

The pattern utilises this lovely finish on the outside seam which is on show when the cuff is rolled up. The pattern is special to selvedge denim as the outside seam is straight from cuff to waistband. You can though make this up in an non-stretch denim - it's a great pattern.

Recommended Suppliers of Selvedge Denim - Croftmill, Balckhorse Lane Ateliers, Cloth House



Making Jeans from Start to Finish



Watch my Making Jeans playlist on YouTube

These techniques will guide you through the basic construction and using the new techniques above for Men's Jeans you will have all the skills necessary for making perfect jeans. Even beginners can make jeans!

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