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angelakane.com is unique. Sewing, yes, but more about creating Fashion. Patterns, yes, but only because you need a starting point. Tutorials, yes, but only because, if you haven't done it before, how do you know what is possible?

angelakane.com is not just about showing you skills. Every technique is shown in the context of making a complete garment from beginning to end. That, I hope is the fun of it. You are learning but you end up with something fabulous to wear!

I shall continue to design and make up whatever garment I fancy and share the process with you. In time you will learn all there is to know about making great clothes for yourself.

Website technology is constantly changing. My site is now fully compatible for Mobiles and Tablets.

You are now able to Shop for individual patterns, if you don't want to be committed to membership.

All Sewing Videos are now free to watch. Members can download and keep all the In-Depth Sewing Series.

About Joining

When you Join as a Full Member you will have access to all my Sewing Patterns, Videos and eBooks and everything new that comes along until you cancel your subscription.

The repeat cost of your yearly subscription will remain the same. If I increase the price of Full Membership it will not affect existing subscriptions. You can cancel your subscription easily from your Profile page.

Payments are made through PayPal which is acknowledged to be the leading system for online payments. If you don't have a PayPal account, it will accept most credit cards.

If you want to try out my Free Sewing Patterns then all you have to do is register. Your details are not passed on to PayPal.

I retain the copyright to all the material that appears on this site and all pattern and video downloads. I ask you not to share files or printouts. Just encourage your friends to join.

I believe that as I add more content, this site will represent amazing value. I am sure you will derive as much pleasure from it as I do from producing it.


About Me

I studied fashion design at Croydon College of Art during the 1970's. For fashion, Croydon ranked with Central Saint Martins and Kingston College of Art. The Fashion Department's most famous Alumnus is the fabulous John Rocha who studied there at about the same time although I don't remember him and he probably wouldn't remember me.

I had been making my own clothes and knitting since my early teens, cutting my teeth on Vogue Patterns (only the best). Vogue Patterns were expensive but they were the only ones that actually made up into the size on the packet and I soon learnt that one pattern could be made into dozens of garments. Those patterns taught me all the best sewing techniques.

I was on a career path as a computer programmer/systems analyst when I decided to return to college, really just to acquire pattern cutting skills. I was also developing an interest in knitwear, especially machine knitting. My computer experience gave me insight into 'programming' knitting machines and as soon as it was possible I was linking computers and knitting machines together.

I have designed for exclusive boutiques and I launched my own online boutique in 1995, one of the first!

So a lifetime of sewing for myself and designing for the retail market, is what I want to share with you.

The Story So Far

angelakane.com is slowly evolving. It has taken time and there is plenty to do.

I have put together a collection of easy basic patterns. Working out how best to deliver them online has taken time and is still evolving. I believe I have the easiest PDF pattern format

The patterns are there to support the videos. The videos are also evolving. I hope to produce the best of their kind and this takes a certain amount of experimentation. Technology is constantly changing and with it the ability to deliver a better product.

And in between all the technical effort, designing, pattern drafting and sewing needs to be done. Our studio is very busy.

We are now poised to increase our production of videos and patterns to keep you, our Members busy. Please continue with the feedback. All the comments contribute to the improvement of this venture so keep it coming.

I do hope you continue to enjoy what we have to offer and to enjoy the results of your own efforts for years to come.


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