SEWING PATTERN 647 Boxy Jacket


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Sewing Pattern Boxy Chanel Cut Jacket from Angela Kane
The Boxy Jacket teamed with a purchased skirt
Angela Kane Sewing Patttern 647 Boxy Jacket

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As this design has three-quarter length sleeves, I have been thinking recently about shirts and cuffs .

I have sewn a lot of shirt sleeve plackets over the years. This is definitely the best method. The essential template can be downloaded from my Free Sewing Page. Watch the tutorial - Sewing the Best Placket

Once you get used to doing plackets this way, you will have shirt cuffs that deserve to be seen. Good design is all about the detail.

I will be reviewing alternative shirt cuffs. Next I’ll take a look at my Semi-Fitted Shirt with Frilly Cuffs Sewing Pattern Number 545.

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