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Easy PDF Sewing Patterns from Angela Kane Sewing

Sewing for Beginners - The best Sewing Tutorials, teaching you How to Sew along with Easy Sewing Patterns. Follow my YouTube Channel, AngelaKane Sewing TV.

My Sewing Patterns are for Beginners and Experts. All my designs are Classic Wardrobe Staples. You will make them over and over again.

Watch my many YouTube video tutorials showing me making up a range of garments from Start to Finish.

If you think you are only capable of craft projects like hot water bottle covers and tote bags, you can't be more wrong. Sewing designer garments is just as easy - the seams are longer. That's the only difference.

How to Sew a Shirt

How to Sew T-Shirts

How to Sew - The Basics

How to Sew Jeans

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