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Yes, Make Your Own Jeans 948

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This has to be a first. Has anyone else filmed making a pair of jeans from beginning to end, showing every step in detail.

Not only that, but this is a great pattern which has been thoroughly researched.I believe a complete beginner could make these jeans by following along with me.

Members can download the Jeans Sewing Pattern, the In-depth Video and the Instructional Sewing Jeans eBook

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Technical drawing of Jeans PDF Sewing Pattern 948

The Jeans Sewing Pattern Pieces

Drawing of Sewing Pattern Pieces for the Jeans PDF Sewing Pattern 948

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Diagrams from the Sewing Jeans eBook

Diagrams of Make Your Own Jeans from the Making Jeans eBook, Jeans PDF Sewing Pattern 948

More Pictures from the Sewing Jeans eBook