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Sew Authentic Blue Jeans


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Sewing the Jeans Zip Fly

Sewing Men's Selvedge Jeans

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Sew Authentic Blue Jeans

I believe this is a first! Has any one filmed making jeans from start to finish? A complete beginner could make these jeans. But they are genuine, authentic jeans. Learn usefull techniques - the fly zip, machine embroidery logo, waistband and belt loops and much more. Jeans pattern available to Members.

These techniques will guide you through the basic construction and using the new techniques for Men's Jeans you will have all the skills necessary for making perfect jeans. Even beginners can make jeans!

Sewing Jeans Part 1, The Pattern & Cutting Out

Sewing Jeans Part 2, Prepare the Fly Zip

Sewing Jeans Part 3, Stitch the Fly Zip

Sewing Jeans Part 4, Topstitch and Finish the Fly Zip

Sewing Jeans Part 5, Sewing the Front Pockets

Sewing Jeans Part 6, Sewing the Back Yoke

Sewing Jeans Part 7, Embroider the Back Pocket Logo

Sewing Jeans Part 8, Attach Back Pockets

Sewing Jeans Part 9, Sew and Double Topstitch the Side Seams

Sewing Jeans Part 10, Sew the Back and Inside Seams

Sewing Jeans Part 11, Sewing Jeans Waistband & Belt Loops

Sewing Jeans Part 12, Sewing Jeans Attaching the Waistband

Sewing Jeans Part 13, Sewing Jeans, Topstitching the Waistband

Sewing Jeans Part 14 - Final Episode, Press Stud Closure and we are Finished!


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Sewing Video Index

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