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New Guidelines from Angela Kane Sewing

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Should I Sew Over Pins?

WEAR PROTECTIVE GLASSES! I am now finding that I'm not comfortable sewing over pins without them. Pick up a cheap pair of plain lense glasses or handyman's goggles from the diy shop.

I have in the past insisted that it is safe to sew over pins placed at right-angles to the seam. As long as you use a new sharp needle and sew slowly, you are unlikely to suffer a broken needle.

I show many instances in my videos of sewing over pins rather than hand basting in order to save time.

When sewing a set-in sleeve it is especially useful to be able to sew over pins as it is quite hard to control the gathers evenly with basting.

Is it Dangerous to Sew Over Pins?

I have recently received an email from a member with some experience in this area, expressing concerns about this practice. He tells me that over the past few years, mainly due to the Project Runway shows, the medical profession has seen an alarming number of people form age 10 through 80 coming into ER departments with various injuries due to attempting to sew over pins.

Sewing over pins carries some risk and is dangerous if you are using anything but a sharp new needle and if you fail to sew very slowly.


What is the Alternative to Sewing Over Pins?

I am now advising all my beginner sewers to hand baste their seams rather than sew over pins. Once you get into the habit, it is very quick. I have always encouraged retaining hand sewing skills and this will keep your hand in, using a hand sewing needle and thread and of course a thimble!

When it comes to the set-in sleeve, I probably will continue with pins and have a handy pair of glasses at the side of my machine for safety.

Experience Counts

Many skilled seamstresses machine all their seams without pins or basting. I suggest you practice and gain confidence in sewing this way.

If you have any questions on this topic please CONTACT ME

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