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Sew a Classic Silk Shirt


Learn How to Sew a Classic Silk Shirt, Step by Step Tutorial, Shirt Collar, Cuff and Button Band, Button Holes and Bound Placket Explained,

The PDF Sewing Pattern


About the Pattern, Equipment, Taping Up the Pattern, Cutting Out

Transfer Markings, About Interfacing

Cutting Out, Interfacing the Collar

About Sewing Seams in Silk, Make the Button Band, Join the Shoulder Seams, Stitch and Turn the Collar

Prepare the Collar Band, Attach the Collar to Collar Band

Attach the Collar to the Bodice, Hand Sewing Silk

Sew the Sleeve to the Bodice

Binding the Sleeve Placket

Stitching the Sleeve and Side Seams, Stitching Cuff

Attaching the Cuff, Setting the Cuff Pleats, Hand Finishing

Sew the Hem, Sew the Buttonholes, Sew On the Buttons and a Final Press


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