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Roll Collar Coat Sewing Pattern 692

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This is a favourite design and I have made many versions of it. It is drafted using my Maximum Ease Block and therefore is a very easy fit. If you make it up in linen or cotton for summer you will still be able to wear a cotton knit cardigan, sweater or a sweatshirt underneath for cooler days.

It goes really well with my Man’s Cut Shirt Pattern teamed with the Jeans Pattern but also looks brilliant with the Pencil Skirt Pattern.
It is fully lined and interfaced around the collar and fronts and of course the cuffs.A Roll Collar Coat is a great asset in your wardrobe. This patterns is infinitely adaptable. Learn the principles and a whole new area of creativity presents itself.

This pattern will teach you a lot about sewing basic. First of all, learning how to create a roll collar is advanced but very achievable with clear instructions and is a step towards sewing a full revere collar for a jacket. If you haven't made a garment with set-in sleeves before, you will find making this coat a great introduction. Adding a lining is another skill you will gain from making up this pattern. You will be thrilled with the result.

Video Extract Making the Roll Collar Coat

The Instruction PDF is a tutorial for the Set-In Sleeve, Lining a Coat or Jacket as well as the Roll Collar.


This design will carry me through the year. I think it will be wonderful in corduroy and soft woolens. I would even consider making it in leather. Features: The roll collar of course, smart cuffed sleeves, in-seam pockets, self belt. The coat is generously cut and the sleeves especially include a full amount of ease so that the coat is comfortable over, for example, bulky knits and tailored dresses.

Diagram of Sewing Pattern Pieces for the Roll Collar Coat Sewing Pattern 692

Consider the cost of coats. This is a garment really worth making the effort for. I have made several versions for myself. I was determined to have something smart to wear over summer dresses this year and making it up in various coloured linens has been a great exercise to test out my pattern. I will be making it up again at the end of the summer too.


Fabric Suggestions: Linen & Cottons, Corduroy, Lightweight Wools, Leather and many more...

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Download the Instruction PDF

The Video Series

  1. About the Pattern
  2. Materials
  3. Taping & Cutting Pattern
  4. Cutting Out the Fabric
  5. Transferring the Markings
  6. Cutting the Lining and Interfacing
  7. Place Interfacing and Stay stitch Neckline
  8. Stitching the Darts
  9. Joining the Front to the Back
  10. Adding Facings to Complete Collar
  11. Trim Seams and Turn Collar Through
  12. Adding the In-Seam Pockets
  13. Setting in the Sleeves
  14. Press Sleeve Head and Position Shoulder Pads
  15. Sew and Attach the Lining
  16. Creating the Sleeve Cuff
  17. The Hem to Finish

The eBook contains many detailed diagrams showing every step involved in making this garment.

The jeans PDF has been very successful and many members have commented on how useful it has been.

Every pattern I design is a sewing lesson and my Members tell me that they derive great benefit from the clear and concise directions.

Diagram of How to Make the Roll Collar Coat Sewing Pattern 692, from the Sewing eBook

Photo of Roll Collar Coat PDF Sewing Pattern 692, How to Make a Roll Collar Coat
Photo 1 of Roll Collar Coat PDF Sewing Pattern 692Photo 2 of Roll Collar Coat PDF Sewing Pattern 692Photo 3 of Roll Collar Coat PDF Sewing Pattern 692

Photo 4 of Roll Collar Coat PDF Sewing Pattern 692Photo 5 of Roll Collar Coat PDF Sewing Pattern 692