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Sewing Pattern for Knits - Sweatshirts 512

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I have spent a little while getting this shape right and have made many versions of this top. It is quick to make and infinitely adaptable. Have a classic T-shirt neck (see my In-Depth Video) or add a tight or loose polo.

I like to make mine without a band at the hem. It's very much more flattering and you can tuck it in or wear it loose.

Members can download the Raglan Sewing Pattern and the In-depth T-shirt Video .

If you can find it, add ribbed banding at the cuff and neckline - leave the body straight or add ribbing at the hem. If not just use your jersey fabric doubled and stretched a bit. Such a versatile shape....

This shape is perfect for a sweatshirt or light weight long sleeved T-shirt.

Check out my T-Shirt Video and the YouTube Sewing Jersey Series.

A great pattern for all of you with overlockers and just as good made up using your conventional sewing machine.

About My Easy Fit Raglan Knit - a video clip

See My New Sewing Jersey Knits Page

A Classic Sweatshirt - Pattern No 512

Sewing Pattern, Sew a Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt, Sewing Knits

Sewing Videos - Making T-Shirts - All the Steps

Here are all the steps covered by the In-Depth T-Shirt Video

  1. The best way to Cut Out Knit Fabric & Preparing the Pattern
  2. Prepare the Fabric, Should you Pre-wash? & Cutting Out
  3. Making Up. Best Machine Techniques for Knits
  4. The Best Method for the Neckline
  5. How to Add T-Shirt Sleeves
  6. The Back and Back Yoke

T-Shirt Video for Members

Three Easy Pieces
Sewing Pattern Pieces, Raglan Sleeved Sweatshirt in knit jersey

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