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Poster picture for Flat Pattern Drafting Sewing Video, The Straight Sleeve Block


The Straight Sleeve Block - Add this to your kit and you will be on the way to creating a wide range of patterns for yourself.

Jacket, Coats, Sleeved Dresses just about everything apart from Trousers and that block is coming next - for Members.

Poster picture for Flat Pattern Drafting Sewing Video

The Basic Bodice Block is probably the hardest, as all other drafting stems from it. Learn to do this and you will never have a problem with fit again!

You only need to do it once and you can use it to adapt all your patterns. Drafting Blocks is not just for designers.

Poster picture for the Sewing Video How to Make aAuthentic Blue Jeans

SEWING AUTHENTIC JEANS - 14 Videos, 14 Topics
Running time: 2hrs 13mins

All aspects of making jeans - fabric, cutting out, the fly zip, top stitching, pockets, yokes, logos and machine embroidered back pockets, waistband, belt loops, hems, fastenings.

Poster picture for the Sewing Video, How to Sew the Roll Collar Coat

SEWING THE ROLL COLLAR COAT - 17 Videos, 17 Topics
Running time: 2hr 30mins

All my members are now well acquainted with the basics. My videos up to this point cover patterns, materials, markings, machining, darts, pressing, top stitching, zips and more.

Poster Picture for the Sewing Video, How to Make T-Shirts

SEWING T-SHIRTS & VESTS - 6 Videos, 6 Topics
Running time: 51mins

The secrets of sewing jersey in general, types of jersey, layouts, cutting out, best way to stitch neck-bands, attaching sleeves, finishing edges.

Poster Picture for the Sewing Video, How to Make a Classic Silk shirt

SEW A CLASSIC SILK SHIRT - 11 Vidoes, 11 Topics
Running time: 1hr 26mins

Choosing silk and other shirt fabrics, cutting out patterned fabric, shirt collars with a stand, sleeve plackets and cuffs, stitching buttonholes.




A Selection of my sewing videos are Free on YouTube.
I cover many basic sewing skills. Watch them here on my site.

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