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This is a site for experienced sewers and also for beginners. You will find a full selection of sewing patterns. I design the sort of garments we should all have in our wardrobes. This site is not about fashion, it is about style. I hope I can help you create your own style through my classic designs.

All patterns are available to Full Members but patterns can be purchased individually. Good luck with your projects.

28th March 2020

Angela Kane Sewing Pattern Designer - sewing with a childhood friend in 1957


Let's bring back sewing baskets. If you have children at home who are keen to get busy with sewing, make a little sewing box, maybe from a shoe box and collect together some sewing paraphernalia.

See my Sewing Supplies Page - please keep ordering online. You will help these businesses to survive!

UK Lockdown
And For Wherever You Are in the World!

We all have to get down to basics and that means getting back to making things. It's good for mindfulness. It's good for the planet. It's good for your budget. Most of all it makes you feel good!

There has been plenty in the press about this and I hope my site can offer you the resources to get you going.

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This is me sewing with my friend, probably in 1957. I would have been nine and my friend is a year younger. This is the same friend who photographed me ten years later. See the previous photograph.

So, supporting all 70 plus year olds across the world who are staying at home, it’s a great time to learn new skills or update old ones.

Designer Notebook

22nd March 2020 - Mother's Day

Angela Kane Designer History Vogue Pattern 1968

Sewing Memories

If your children are grown up and you won’t be seeing them, you have time on your hands. Get the album out send them some pictures about you that they may have forgotten or may never have seen!

This year I am celebrating 10 years of sewing on YouTube, 15 years of sewing patterns online, 25 years since I set up machine knitwear online, nearly 50 years since I was making machine knits to sell in Bond Street and around about 60 years of sewing clothes for myself.

This is probably a Vogue Pattern. I made it up in a lovely pink bouclé wool and it would have been around 1968. I was photographed by a dear friend who was studying photography at the time.

Have fun and get creative.

Designer Notebook

Designer Notebook

Sewing Pattern Boxy Chanel Cut Jacket from Angela Kane

6th March 2020

Sewing Pattern Boxy Chanel Cut Jacket front view  from Angela Kane

I am enjoying wearing my 1 Metre of Harris Tweed - Boxy Jacket. #UseWhatYouHave for #SustainableFashion. Go through your fabric stock and see what you can use up.

Sewing Patterns at a Glance

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I produce the Easiest PDF Sewing Patterns.  I have developed the best Sewing Pattern Downloads.  No trimming, no overlapping, no wasted paper.  All my Sewing Patterns are drafted separately for sizes 6-22.  Sewing Patterns have never been so easy.  MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHES - My In-depth Sewing Videos are detailed and easy to follow.  I make a range of garments from beginning to end - from fabric and cutting out, right through to completion.


626 Panel Jacket

The Basic Panel Jacket - A simple construction to introduce you to soft tailoring. Collarless rever and patch pockets. This design can be developed later to include a collar with lapels and welt pockets. A back vent will also feature in developed versions.


726 The Panel Dress
Two Piece Sleeve

Regular Format with all the Usual Features

Panel Dress with Two Piece Sleeve PDF Sewing Pattern by Angela Kane

Many of you have written requesting this pattern in the usual Angela Kane format. Separate drafts for all sizes 6-22.

This versatile classic is fully lined. The pattern includes detailed instructions for making up, a fabric guide and cutting out layouts for all the common fabric lengths.

Are you brave enough to wear this absolutely plain? If not, dress it up in a multitude of ways. I will be trialling Multi Sized Patterns, a feature that is often requested by members. I will be showing how this classic shape can be the basis of tailored jackets and coats. Another of my designs using panels and featuring a two piece sleeve. This shape has endless potential for designers.

Sewing Pattern
Princess Line Dress for All Occasions

Sewing Pattern, Princess Line by Angela Kane in denim image

Updated Pencil Skirt Pattern!

The Ultimate Pencil Skirt Guide PDF

Pencil Skirt Sewing Pattern by Angela Kane in grey wool fabric image

The Panel Coatdress

702 The Panel Coatdress Pattern


This sewing pattern will introduce you to the Princess Line. A semi-fitted coat-dress can be worn on its own, over a dress, over a jumper and knitted tights, over jeans. Worn buttoned up, open or belted.

New Sewing Pattern Format.

New Cutting Out Layouts.

New Fabric requirements table - for all nine sizes.

Comprehensive eBook for Making Up.

More info to follow.

Sewing Jeans


Sewing Shirts and T-Shirts

Sewing for Beginners

Free Sewing Patterns and Templates

Sewing Patterns - The Sleeveless Top


Here is a short clip. The lesson teaches you the Pull Through the Shoulder method of Facing a Dress or Top. Super useful for sewing beautiful sleeveless garments.

See the 3 Part Series on my Sewing Lessons Page

The PDF Sewing Pattern is a Free Download in sizes small, medium and large - NOW AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS IN ALL SIZES

Sewing the Shirt Sleeve Placket


A short clip from Sewing a Sleeve Placket - See it in full

Print the template - Free Sewing Patterns 

Sewing Videos

Coat Sew Along

Follow the Roll Collar Sew Along Episodes - Roll Collar Coat Sewing Pattern Downloads

Sew Swimwear

In Depth How to Sew Swimwear and Super Stretch Jersey - Swimwear Sewing Pattern Downloads

Sewing the Swimming Costume Classic Sewing Pattern will help you gain the skills to sew all Super Stretch Garments.

Use these methods for my Body Sewing Pattern 953 and Leggings Sewing Pattern 936

Pattern Cutting and Drafting - Series 1

Pattern Cutting

Flat Pattern Drafting Series 1 - Video Series and eBooks - The Basic Bodice, the Straight Sleeve Draft and the Fitted Bodice Block.

Video - Manipulating Darts. See how this creates design potential.

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